Green Website Hosting + Tips For Being Greener

On 12th June 2019 the UK Government said they would commit to almost zero CO2 emissions but 2050. It’s a great starting point and maybe should be sooner but a great start none the less.

In everyday life me and my partner are always thinking of ways we can be green and have less impact on the planet. From buying metal straws to buying rechargeable batteries ( We have children and apparently 90% of toys require batteries :/ ). These are small changes but can add up.

Also our food waste is very little because we only cook what we need and we make sure everything is used from the cupboards and fridge so not food goes off before use.

Here’s a list of a few things I ( also my partner ) do:

  • Electricity from Bulb – 100% Renewable
  • Gas from Bulb – 100% Carbon Neutral
  • Digital invoicing – No printed invoices or quotes
  • Green Web Hosting in the UK – more details can be found here
  • Combine/ reduce trips where the car is needed
  • We try and buy loose “wonky” food ( not sure what’s wonky about a wonky potato but hey )
  • Replaced disposable batteries with rechargeable
  • Bulk buy food etc where possible
  • We have an Eco Egg for our washing which reduces the need for us to buy detergent
  • We’ve grown a small amount of food too
  • We no longer use wet wipes these have been replace with cloths
  • We have reduced the amount of baking paper we use by using silicone mats instead

The list above is just some of the things we do and not a comprehensive list as we are always learning and adapting ( by adapting I mean changing how we buy and use things ) .

Within my business I try and do everything I can to be as green as possible. This is why I don’t print out invoices ( in or out ) or contracts. Contracts are digitally signed and invoices are digital sent and the received ones are saved as PDFs.

The biggest thing for me was also my hosting. I need a reliable service that was also green. So the company I use for this uses 100% renewable energy at their data centers and an environmental management policy is externally assessed to ISO 14001 standards.

Let me know what other things I can be doing to become greener and do my bit. Also get in touch if you are interested in using a green UK hosting company to host your website.

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