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Need a new site? or just a few updates to the design or functionality?

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Email Marketing

WordPress updates

Is your Wordpress up to date and secure? What about your plugins?

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Online Shop/ E-Commerce

Let me help you set up shop on the biggest and busiest high street aka The Internet.

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Green UK Hosting

Where your website lives and maybe your emails too.

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The address/ signpost for your website and used for your emails too.

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Web Design/ Web Development

I can build you a brand new site from a design or update an existing one.

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I offer a veriety of different services to help people get online or to improve their current site.

You can either choose a service as a 1 off or have a bundle on a monthly basis. Take a look at my services page to see some of the things I can offer and if you have any questions or can't see something please get in touch

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So Why Me?

My passion for web development is fuelled by knowing I’m helping a client build their dreams and being part of the journey. I hate seeing people get ripped off by companies charging too much or using jargon to prey on people. Sometimes they can over complicate things with big words which sometimes a client doesn’t understand just like when I get my car fixed the mechanic can use big words but I don’t need to know how the engine works as long as it works.

I’m down to earth and leave the jargon/ geek speak at home so we can concentrate on getting your idea or business online without confusion.

Some companies like to over promise and then under deliver where I like to always add great value by going the extra mile. I like to build up a long term working relationship with people and I pride myself on providing a honest and transparent service something that means alot to me. I’ll help as much as I can and be honest all the way through the process.

I do it for the buzz I get from meeting people with new ideas and the excitement that comes from them just starting out. Even if it’s just helping to fix an issue, big or small, or just making the site mobile friendly I get a warm feeling inside, don’t let the beard fool you.

So if you need a hand with either building a brand new site or help with an issue.

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