Updraft To S3 Storage

Setting up UpdraftPlus with S3-compatible storage

Backing up a WordPress website is an important task that should be done regularly to ensure that your website’s data is safe and can be easily restored in case of any mishap. One of the most popular methods of backing up a WordPress website is by using the UpdraftPlus plugin. UpdraftPlus is a powerful and user-friendly backup and restoration plugin that allows you to easily create and restore backups of your WordPress website.

One of the features that makes UpdraftPlus stand out is its support for external storage options. One of the most popular external storage options for backups is Amazon S3. Amazon S3 is a highly scalable, reliable, and fast cloud storage service that is perfect for storing backups. The good news is that UpdraftPlus also supports S3-compatible storage options, which means you can use other S3-compatible storage services like Wasabi, Backblaze B2, and more.

To use UpdraftPlus with an S3-compatible external storage option, you will need to do the following:

  1. Install and activate the UpdraftPlus plugin on your WordPress website.
  2. Go to the UpdraftPlus settings page in your WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Under the “Settings” tab, click on the “Expert Settings” tab.
  4. Scroll down to the “Custom Storage Options” section and select “S3-compatible storage”.
  5. Enter the access key and secret key of your S3-compatible storage account. You can also choose to use a custom endpoint if you are using a service other than Amazon S3.
  6. Enter the name of your bucket and the path prefix (if any) you want to use.
  7. Save the changes.

You’re all set, UpdraftPlus will now store your backups on the S3-compatible storage service you have configured. The plugin has a built-in scheduler that will automatically create backups of your website on a regular basis. If you ever need to restore your website, you can easily do so by going to the “Existing Backups” tab on the UpdraftPlus settings page, and clicking on the restore button.

It is important to keep in mind that the cost of storing backups on Amazon S3 or other S3-compatible storage services is dependent on the usage, it is a good idea to keep a check on that and optimize the backup schedule according to your need and budget.

Using UpdraftPlus in conjunction with an S3-compatible external storage option is a great way to ensure that your WordPress website is well-protected. This setup is easy to configure, highly reliable, and offers peace of mind knowing that your website’s data is safe and can be easily restored in case of an emergency.

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