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So first off what is Kanboard? Kanboard is a free and open source Kanban project management software.

It is a no frills Kanban easy to use piece of software. A simple to use alternative to Asana and other project management software.

For the past, maybe, 8 years or so I have used this for my projects.

I use the bare minimum features available because that’s all I need. I have my “master” project which contains all the tasks I need to do for each WordPress website I develop. I then duplicate that project and rename it to the name of the current project I am working on.

From there I will work through the tasks to make sure I have done everything from setting up SMTP settings to installing SEO plugins etc etc. I will also add in new tasks as needed depending on the project.

It is a great alternative to services like Asana and Kanban services. I have tried a few different project management services and to be honest they were all a bit too flashy for me. I just need bare bones functionality over pretty UX.

It does the typical kind of Kanban thing of having the columns ( think the technical word is lanes or swimlanes 😉 ) so back log, work in progress and done and you can add or remove them. You can also drag the task between the columns and I have it set so when you drag the task to done it removes it. ( that is great for me because it’s just me and I know i have done the task )

It’s worth having a look through the Kanboard website and looking at the feature list to see if it will do what you need.

If you are interested in using it then I am looking at offering an installation and hosting for this.

The software itself is free and open source so I wouldn’t be charging for that or a set up fee for the hosting space. I would only charge for the space needed so starting from £1.20 a month you could be using a nice, simple, easy to use Kanban project management software.

if you have any questions about this new service I’m looking to offer then please feel free to get in touch.

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