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Back up plan – Website Back ups + Personal back ups

Backing up important information is something that we all know we should do but don’t always actually do it. We all should back up our website data as well as our personal data ( like photos )

I’m personally a bit of a back up hoarder. I tend to follow to follow the 3-2-1 backup strategy but with some additional back ups – just in case.

Something we have to remember is that no service is perfect and none of the big cloud companies ( Google, Amazon etc ) are perfect. They all have down time ( how many times has Facebook gone down? )and they all can make mistakes.

My obsessive back up collection stems from when I worked at a web agency years ( and years and years ) ago. I came back from lunch to find the boss had accidentally deleted all the websites from the new server. The company, at the time, didn’t have a back up strategy but luckily enough I had kept some. The server was new and I had been manually migrating the sites from an old server to the new one. This meant I had most of the sites as full cPanel back ups. The ones I didn’t have were sites I hadn’t moved and the files were not kept. Luckily enough I had kept locally the assets, stylesheets etc. This meant I was able to quickly rebuild the sites. I say quickly but I worked a bank holiday weekend until late to get the company back up and running.

So since then I always try to reduce the risk of data loss. I can’t guarantee anything but the risk is reduced.

My example is on a small scale compared to the recent accidental deletion by Google with a big pension fund comapny in Australia. Google had accidentally deleted their account and removed various services and back ups. Luckily enough someone at their company had made sure backups were also being stored on a different cloud service.

You can read more about the story here and also read the official statement on the issue from UniSuper here

There was also a case where a large website hosting company, OVH, had a fire in their data centre in France ( read the story ) . A huge number of websites went offline and a high % of them different have other back ups other then those provided by OVH ( which were also lost in the fire ).

On a personal note I do recommend backing up your personal info too especially photos. It’s nice and easy to allow services like Google photos to automatically back them up for us. The problem with relying on this is that Google even says that they don’t guarantee the data. So this can mean currupt files or lost images. I use Google photos but i also have pCloud ( free sign up and you get free space too 🙂 ) doing back ups and I manually download a copy of the photos to store on a NAS drive.

On a business note with my WordPress hosting there are daily offsite backups done and along with that I also have back ups taken and stored on a separate cloud storage system. Along with that also offer a service where I provide full cPanel back ups to my clients where I upload a full cPanel backup to a cloud service where they can down load and save them in their own back strategy.

Please feel free to get in touch to see if I can help with potentially providing a website back up service for you or if you are interested in my WordPress Hosting.

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