Why You Need a SSL

Over the past few days I have been looking for a few different services locally. While I was browsing a fair few websites didn’t have a SSL certificate.

So what is a SSL certificate?
A SSL certificate is a small data file that sits on the webserver alongside your website. This creates a padlock and creates a secure connection between the web browser and the web server.

Why is it important?
The secure connection reduces the risk of hackers intercepting details from your clients and the website ie payment details or contact forms.

Even if you are not taking payments or allowing people to contact you via contact forms it gives the user confidence in using your website.

From roughly July 2018 Google has been using SSL’s as part of their ranking system for their search results. So if you don’t have an SSL that means Google will rank you lower then a competitor that does.

I understand why they are doing it because who doesn’t want a safer internet?

I also understand why some websites don’t currently have one. It could be down to time restraints, too busy running their business, or maybe not even being told they need one or the consequences of not having one. If they are “being looked after” by a web agency then that’s a bit rubbish.

When I build or host a website a SSL comes as standard. It’s included in the monthly hosting price. Which to be honest is a bargain if I do say so myself. The price I charge for a hosting package is the same price most companies charge just for a SSL.

If you would like more information regarding SSL’s, hosting or a honest web developer to help with your website then get in touch.

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