To Theme or Not To theme WordPress

That is the question.

So you need a website quick and on or below budget. One way to achieve this is by buying a theme, install and them set up. Job done.

To be honest I used to offer that as an option along side a custom built site. It would allow a client to have a site up and running in much a much quicker time frame.

I soon stopped this because even though in the short term it seems to save money and time for the client it doesn’t in the long term. Themes are designed to suit a lot of businesses/ hobbies etc but you can guarantee there is something you won’t like about it which would mean additional development anyway.

Also most themes are over engineered again to suit loads of different business etc. This also means extra bloat to the site because this would be done via several different plugins to add these features.

With too many resource heavy plugins this can add pressure to your hosting and slow it down. An over engineered theme could also be complicated to update and maintain. I had a client who had purchased a theme but would ask me to update the content every other week.

With themes free and paid for they could also pose security risks. Not everyone is dodgy and trying to make a quick quid but they could be. You could buy a theme that hasn’t been tested or had every line, of the 10000s , of code checked for security holes etc then you could be at risk.

Recently there was a “scandal” featuring Piddig’s themes where some people had found lines of code which slowed a users hosting, ping a competitors hosting the bring them down as well as code which in theory could mean the creators could wipe clean a users whole website.

I’m not saying that is what happened/ happening but you never know.

There have been a few clients that really loved the way their theme looked but didn’t want the hassle of the bloated admin area. With these I have rebuilt their site but making it much easier to update and then migrated the content over.

If you have a theme which you love the look of but dread updating the content then get in touch and see how I can help. I also host websites and with my hosting the price includes updates to the system and any plugins, SSL, website uptime monitoring and back ups to name a few. The cost of my hosting is what most people charge just for the SSL. If website hosting is something you need as well get in touch and ask me for the list of features and price 🙂

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