WordPress Updates

You have your WordPress site sorted out but everytime you login in you see a nice red circle on the left hand side with a a number inside indicating you have some plugin updates. Or maybe you have a nice notice at the top or bottom saying your version of WordPress needs an update.

WordPress needs to be kept up to date to help keep it secure and safe.

It can be a bit daunting looking at the number, of updates, getting bigger each time you look at it and not being sure if the site will still look and function correctly afterwards.

That’s where I come in.

Part of my process is to set up your site on a development server, update WordPress and the plugins and test the site out for you. I can supply you with a link to the test site so you can confirm everything is hunky-dory. Once we are both happy I will then replicate the updates on your live site and confirm once it has been done.

If you need help updating your site and/ or plugins or if there is any questions you have regarding my process then get in touch.