I’m guessing you don’t leave your car over night without locking it or go to sleep with the front door unlocked. If you do then maybe you love living on the edge but in all seriousness maybe you shouldn’t.

Your website and server should be locked down too. This is to protect yourself and your customers.

As of July 2018 Google Chrome will notify users that a site doesn’t have an SSL. A website has an SSL installed when you see so if a website doesn’t have this Google Chrome will tell the user the website isn’t secure and possible not safe to use. If you have an online shop this could have a bad affect on customers because they won’t trust the website ( would you ? ) .

So your first step if to make sure you have this in place.

There are other things that need to be considered ie your website should be kept up to date. So if you have a WordPress site this should be updated as often as possible ( something I offer and you can read more about here )

For WordPress there are a few things you can do to make sure you’re secure aswell.

If you need a hand setting up WordPress security or an SSL or maybe you are worried about the security of your website the please let me know.

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