Mobile Friendly/ Responsive Design

We all have a mobile device ( Tablet or mobile phone ) and it’s a convenient way to browse the web and find services or products you need or want.

You may have experienced it yourself. You’ve been browsing the web and you came across a website but it just looks like a scaled down version of the website you would see on a PC or laptop. You then have to zoom in and drag the page around to view the whole site. So not very smooth and easy flowing or user friendly.

Even if you have an existing website that just needs updating to be more mobile friendly/ responsive this can be achieved.

Let me know if you need a hand by letting me know you web address I can then take a look and let you know what’s required.

I have done this before a client already had a site and needed it being mobile friendly/ responsive as well as a little bit of updating. You can take a look at the case study for this client here

If this is something you would like me to take a look at then..

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