Back up Service

It’s recommended you back up you PC regularly to save from losing all of those precious files. the same is for you website.

We all think of I’ll do that tomorrow another day won’t hurt and before you know it a year as passed. You then get into a false sense of security, so to speak, and start thinking “oh it’ll never happen to me” .

But backing up your files is much quicker and easier then replacing everything your lost.

The same goes for your website.

At any point there could be an issue with the server meaning important website files are lost or even the database where all of your information is stored.

Or it might just be human error someone might accidentally delete a page or a blog article or maybe a user.

It could happen to anyone.

I fully understand that you are spending time running your business and trying to enjoy your free time whenever you can ( I’m the same ) and it may seem your time is best spent doing work or getting your next customer on board. And of course it is but can you afford to spend a few hours or days restoring lost data?

I can offer a flexible back up service with daily, weekly or monthly or whenever you need. I can back up the database and the website files and after each back up a I give them a check to make sure they are ok. This will allow you to spend more time running your business or with your family.

My back up service is there to help take a bit of weight off your shoulder knowing if you ever need to restore lost data.

If you have any questions about this or any concerns you may have let me know.

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