Analytics/ Website Stats

You have a website up and running and helping you fulfil your dreams but have you got Google Analytics set up?

Google Analytics is a free server from search giant Google. It allows you to see how many visitors you have add, pages they visited and bounce rate.

Bounce rate is a measure of when a user has landed on a page and then left the page. The lower the rate the better because it means you have content relevant to what the user is looking for. If you have a page selling lamps but your content is talking about Football then a user looking for Football content might land on your page, see it’s not about football, then leave meaning a higher bounce rate.

It’s good to have this kind of information because it allows you to gauge what a user is doing and make your content even more relevant.

The amount of detail and information that can be gained from Google Analytics is quite powerful.

If you need a hand installing the Google Analytics code or a sit down to talk through any bits then let me know.

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