Protect Yourself

With all these different big company websites being compromised having a website could be a little scary.

WordPress is one of the most of the most popular systems to use to build a website. The media also like to portray it to be the most insecure. This isn’t true.

Change it up

A good general rule of the internet is to never use the same login details for more then one site. That password you always use is easy to remember but what if a site you use is compromised? The hacker could have your email address and password. Now if you use that same combination on every site you use now that hacker can log in to every where you could.

If you have different passwords for different website this reduces that risk. When you create an account, if you use Google Chrome for browsing the web you can right click in the password box and it will suggest a random generated password. Or alternatively if you search for “password generator” there are other websites which will generate a password for you to use.

Reduce the risk

So following the principal from above there are things we can do with WordPress to reduce the risk of a compromise.

  1. Don’t use “admin” for a username on your website – this is one of the most used usernames so don’t give a potential hacker half of your details by using “admin”
  2. Change the default WordPress login url. By default WordPress uses /admin for the login form for a WordPress site. Change this by using a plugin like iThemes
  3. Consider a 2-Step verification for each user. There are plugins allow you to add 2-Step verification to login into your website rather then just user name and password or you can use text message verification of an app meaning the user would need their phone to help login.
  4. Update WordPress and all of your plugins. Keeping these up to date will mean any old security holes will be closed reducing the chance of a hack.

The above are just a few things you can do to reduce the risk of having your website compromised.

If you need a hand to update your site or implement the changes above please feel free to get in touch.

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