Retro Games For Sale

Retro Games For Sale is an online store selling retro games and consoles by a retro gamer and gaming fan ( me ) as a side project.

The store is built in WordPress using the WooCommerce plugin with the initial stock of over 200 games that was imported via CSV along with images and custom meta data. Each product also has custom fields to show the user of the condition ie if there’s a manual or box etc. This info was also populated in the CSV using custom meta info.

Additional custom meta info containing where the product is stored is displayed on the admin screen allowing me to easily find the product once it has sold.

This custom WordPress build was fun to work on and even populating the CSV file wasn’t as daunting as it sounds 🙂 .

Take a browse of the site to see what you think.

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From The Client

Nice looking and easy to manage e-commerce store allowing me to easily sell products online.

Kevin Blackledge