Magnet Cars

Magnet Cars asked me to help move their website from Exchange and Mart after frustration with their support and lack of help.

This involved rebuilding the site into WordPress, adding additional features and helping to transfer the domain name from Exchange and Mart.

The planned process was suppose to be calm and steady. With the transfer of the domain to be the first step followed by a landing page on my hosting before the site went live. This wasn’t the case as soon as the transfer of the domain was triggered Exchange and Mart switched off the website and emails without warning.

Due to the preparations I had made it meant the downtime was minimal. I had already had the DNS for the new landing page updated in cloudflare ready to go. Once the domain was released from Exchange and Mart I transferred that into a domain registrar ( WebWiz ) so they had control of their domain name again. The landing page and emails were back up again within a should space of time. No thanks to Exchange and Mart.

The new site is built in WordPress and imports their cars from eBay straight to the website cutting out a manual process they had to do before meaning they save time.

The site also displays reviews from their Facebook page also adding reinforcement to their brand.

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