Letters Group

Letters Group are a Peterborough based company dealing with rental/ sales properties and Block Management.

They had 1 website for the sale properties and one for their rental properties and was looking at migrating the sales side into the same website as the sales and rebranding the site has Letters Group.

The sales and rental properties have their own “mini site” within the site catering for each sector.

The process of moving the sales site into the main site, didn’t just involve moving content but also involved modifying a custom made importer to work with the new site. The importer is connected to from a custom system Letters use so the properties could be easily imported.

Once both, the sales and rental, importers were working nicely side by side. I supported them when if came to them updating the required details on their local system.

While I was merging the sites I also tidied up some of the code and made some tweaks to make thing work and look better.

I also made the website mobile friendly making it easier for mobile users to navigate the site. This as only benefited the Letters greatly due to the high number of mobile users they get to their site everyday.

As part of a monthly package I am also in charge of a back up service for them when I back up the site, test the back up and supply them with a copy. This ensures if there is ever an issue with their hosting company we both have a copy.

If you need a hand with updating, moving sites or making it mobile friendly let me know

Take a look at the site and let me know your thoughts.

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From The Client

We’ve been dealing with Kevin for around five months and in this short period of time we’ve made more progress and carried out more development to our web presence than we have in the past 15 years. Kevin is professional, approachable and doesn’t bamboozle us with technical detail we don’t need. We discussed the brief and he’ll just got on with it with no drama. Nothing is too much trouble and we’re very pleased to have linked up with him. We look forward to working together with him for many years to come.

Gary Martin