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Me and Hazel had been working together on various projects before she asked me to look at rebuilding her website. She knew how I worked and knew my pricing was realistic.

The site was in an old clunking system which had a few bugs to say the least. Hazels process for adding a new blog post was not the most straight forward or easiest thing and Hazel loves her blogs.

I was asked to rebuild her site in WordPress, move over the 100’s of blog posts, make mobile friendly and few improvements here and there.

During the rebuild I improved the workflow for her so adding testimonials were much easier and because the new site is WordPress adding blog posts were already a breeze. Saving her about 10-15 minutes each post. The old system took that long she could write a blog post for a client and upload it to their website in the time it took to add 1 post of her site.

The biggest task was copying over all of the blog posts. The old system had no way of exporting the posts and no way to access the database. So I came up with a process that allowed me to get all of the content and images to move them into the new WordPress site.

I managed to get all of the blog posts into the new site much to the pleasure of Hazel :).

The increase of leads and conversion have increased for Hazel since rebuilding her site in WordPress and making it mobile friendly.

You can visit her site and take a look at the various services she offers.

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