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My name is Kevin and I’m addicted to new music.

That is my favourite past time summed up in one sentence. I used to run KLLO-Radio and it’s main purpose was to showcase independent artists from around the world via a Live Stream Service with On-Demand.

It consisted of Artist profiles as well as Shows, each with their own style but with the main core goal of promoting talent. When I very first started it in 2005 I would stay up until 2-3am every night ( I had work at 6 each day so I wasn’t so keen to get up as you can imagine ) emailing Artists asking if I could play their music on my station. Most said yes and a few said “how much will you pay me” but I can proudly say I made some great new friends through it and got to hear so much new music most people wont hear.

I have always enjoyed things which are different to the norm either in music ( ie not commercial music ) or with tech etc so I get a buzz from hearing independent music. I can’t describe the feeling I get when I hear something that I haven’t heard before. Like a starving drug addict KLLO-Radio has allowed me to feed my hunger and addiction for new unheard music .

I was lucky enough to get emails , tweets and Facebook messages from strangers wanting their music or podcasts played on the website and I appreciate everyone of them and it gaves me a nice warm feeling too.

One of the many bands I was introduced to which I got to hear about through a podcast show contacted me asking if I would mind having their show stream on the website and live stream service. I played the 1st part which they had linked me to and it started with a song called “One Too Many” from a band called New Medicine. This one of the reasons I loved running KLLO-Radio. The chances of me hearing that song, any other way would be very slim indeed, not because they suck but because they are based in America and I don’t listen to main stream radio ( so even if they was on UK radio I wouldn’t hear 🙁 ).

This band could of been the next big thing and became commercial but I love the fact I have heard them before it was “cool”. I listened to Example before he became all commercial and famous along with Ed Sherran, Tech N9ne and Mike Posner just to name a few. Maybe I will just be seen as the person or pointlessly wants to gloat about knowing someone before they were big and famous but the fact is I love music.

Below is the video for the New Medicine song I mentioned along with my favourite version of Beyonce’s Halo which is by Mike Posner:

New Medicine – One Too Many:

Mike Posner – Halo:

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