Google Suite – Why I love it and maybe you should

Google Suite – Why I love it – Because I think it’s great

What is Google Suite?

Google suite is a service provided by Google primarily used to allow users to have a business email address ( ) with added features for a low monthly fee. You have access to cloud hosted programs and here is a few I use daily are:

Gmail GMail ( your new business email
Google Calendar Calendar ( Share with your employees or colleagues )
Google Hangouts Hangouts Chats/ Meets ( Private messaging for your business )
Google drive Drive ( 30gb of storage shared between this and your emails. This is similiar to Dropbox, Box etc)
Google Docs Docs ( Document program – just like Word but in the cloud.)
Google Sheets Sheets ( spreadsheet program – since having access to this I create spreadsheets for everything)

So I’ll do a little summary of each of the programs mentioned above.



So this does what it says on the tin. It’s Google Mail but for business. When you sign up to G Suite you set up your email to be what ever you want it to be but with your website domain ie . Straight away you’re looking the bees knees.

You can set it up on your phone too with the Gmail app and use it anywhere. Your mail sits on Googles ultra reliable servers and has automatic backups, spam protection and industry-leading security measures help protect your business data.

The spam protection is pretty good too I probably get 1 spam email every now and again ( I’m talking 1 in about 7 months ) unlike other services.

They have Migration tools to allow you to move from any existing email service to theirs. I haven’t personally tried this yet but if you need a hand I can try and help as much as I can.

You can set this up to use Outlook or another desktop mail program but I personally just have it open in a tab.

You can read more about this on the G Suite site here

Google Calendar


Once again this does what it says on the tin. It allows you to add events and meetings. You can invite people to the meetings too and the recipient receives an email which they can accept or not.

You can also set notification for when ever you want so you can set one to be an email 1 hour before or a notification 10 minutes before which is via the Calendar mobile app or if you have the calendar open on your pc.

What is also cool is you can create as many calendars as you want/ need so you can have a Holiday calendar, office meeting as well as you own personal one. All calendars are separated by different colours to make each one stand out.

You can read more about this on the G Suite site here

Google Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat/ Meet

This is a nifty little program which sits within your Gmail ( it’s a separate app on your phone ). It’s pretty much an instant messaging app but you can talk with anyone else that also uses G Suite.

You can read more about this on the G Suite site here

There is also Hangouts Meet which is a video conference calling app. Great for office meetings from different locations.

You can read more about this on the G Suite site here

Google Drive


This is Google Drive. It’s a file storage solution in the cloud meaning you can save files here and access them anywhere you have access to the web. The storage space for this is shared with your Gmail.

You can create folders and upload your files as and when you want. If you wish to share any files you can switch on sharing and either share just the file and invite people via email or copy a link and send it to whoever you want.

One of the cool subtle features I like is how you can receive an email with a PDF attached, you can click on that file, click on the Google Drive icon at the top and select where you would like to save it on your Google Drive.

This is Google so the chances of the server going down is almost 0 ( but it could happen ) and with access to your Drive from your phone you could slowly migrate everything you have on your PC to the cloud.

Since using Google Suite I’m storing less and less on my PC.

If you would like the files on your PC you can. There’s a program from Google that allows you to sync everything you have in Google drive across the cloud and your desktop and your mobile devices.

I have a client that uses it to sync files from their desktop PC to another PC which is connected to their industrial printer.

You could use this to replace a local network storage system and remove an internal server if you have one. Moving can be easy too you can just drag and drop your folders or files into the desktop program or even the web browser.

You can read more about this on the G Suite site here

Google Docs


This is Google Docs and allows you to edit ( Word ) docs and create new Docs.

I’ve used it to write my business plan amongst other important documents.

Once you have finished your document you save and download it or even share it like files in your Google Drive.

You can read more about this on the G Suite site here

Google Sheets


This is Google Sheets which allows you to create and edit spreadsheets. Just like the Google Docs once you have finished it can be saved and downloaded if you want or share.

Ever since I have had Google Suite I have used Google Sheets more and more. Slightest little thing I put it in a spreadsheet.

I’m not sure what fancy stuff it can do compared to Excel but I know it can do formulas which a I use a fair bit too.

You can read more about this on the G Suite site here

What is also great about Google Sheets and Google Docs is that Google it automatically saves your work. There’s no need to worry about losing data if your laptop battery runs out or anything like that. They also allow editing in real time with colleagues making collaboration much easier. No more sending files backwards and forwards

That’s the great thing with using a set up like this you no longer need to have files saved in various places on your desktop etc. You also no longer need to worry if you have a back up of them.

There are various other apps (including Slides which is a presentation app/ program ) that are part of Google Suite but the ones above are the ones I use pretty much everyday. You can have a browse of the other apps plus all the ones I have mentioned above on the Google Suite site here

Why do I love it?

I’m currently in the process of doing everything in the “cloud” so I’m never tied down to one PC/ Laptop and Google Suite compliments this. With Google Suite I no longer have to download and save files on my PC because I can simply save them to my Google Drive and organise everything there. I can share documents online and collaberate on each one easily saving the “back and forth” of emails for changes etc.

If Google Suite is something that you are interested in then get in touch because I’m a Google Suite partner I can offer a free trial aswell as a discount too. Even if you don’t need a hand too set up still let me know so you can get a discount.

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