Domain Names – It’s Not Me It’s You

This blog post is about me explaining why I don’t make clients let me manage their domain name and take control of it.

To be honest it’s because I don’t see the point.

If I do that then I have to invoice the client for the renewal every year. The amount I invoice would have to be more then the actual cost of the domain to cover the cost of my time.

To me that doesn’t sound fair if it’s not required. I have known some companies charge about £25 a year for a domain which in reality the cost of about 2 years.

Then on top of that if a client wanted to move everything away then I would have to charge again for my time. Admittedly not as much as some companies who normally charge around £25 but you get my point.

How I like to work is to make the process of having a website as smooth as possible. So I like to try and eliminate any potential issue from start to end as soon as possible.

Case Study

My client was looking to move away from their previous company but the company had made my client transfer the domain to them. So when it came to moving away the web agency charged my client £25 to transfer the domain away. At which point they shutdown the website and emails without warning and 2 weeks before the end of the contract.

When I met the client at the start I told them I would help transfer the domain away from the previous web agency and into my clients own domain account.

That way they have control of the domain to do what they want when they want without paying extra for me to manage it.

They now have their domain in their own account with the renewal set up and nothing to worry about going forward.


I run my business and treat my clients the same as I would expect to be treated. I personally don’t see the point in me charging to mange a domain if I don’t need to.

Now I understand there may come a day where a client will want me to, manage their domain, and is happy with the small additional charge. Which is cool. I just so don’t feel the need to force someone into it. I would much rather the client has control, pays the price of the domain without me charging extra.

Why would I make someone pay more for something if they can get it cheaper?

If you do need help with your domain name either buying a new one or moving an existing one away from your current web agency get in touch 🙂

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