Could you save money on website hosting with peace of mind too?

It’s hard looking for a company to host your website. Some are cheap and some are expensive but then one offers this and not that and the other offers that and not this which could be confusing.

I offer WordPress hosting which includes WordPress + Plugin Updates each month including a SSL too. This benefits clients as well as me because this keeps the server more secure. No one wants their site to be hacked and keeping the site up to date will reduce that risk.

If your current site isn’t WordPress but you wanted to save money, on hosting, we could talk about rebuilding your site into WordPress. When I do this I also like to add value too and it would be an ideal opportunity to get any small improvements that you’ve been wanting to get done. This could save you money but also add other benefits ie some services like Squarespace adds bloat too their code which can slow a site down.

WordPress Hosting Features£10 a month

  • Offsite back-ups every 3-4 hours. I can give you 1 copy a month if you need.
  • SSL as standard, adding an extra layer of security. Some companies charge around £120 for this ( the same as a years worth of hosting from me :/ ).
  • Free WordPress migration from your current host to mine.
  • Monthly WordPress Updates. I manually do WordPress and Plugin updates on a site and check everything is as it should be once a month reducing the security risk.
  • Unlimited Email accounts can be set up ( you are only limited by the space of the hosting account which is 2GB ).
  • 2GB of storage ( 100,000 file limit ) if more storage is required let me know and we can talk about 🙂 .
  • The server has software installed to help speed up sites. I will install a plugin on your site to take advantage of this. Previous sites I have done this on have loaded up to 50% faster ( this is not a guarantee only a guidance based on past results). I can provide a report where possible.
  • The latest version of PHP
  • UK based SSD hosting ( faster storage then a normal Hard Drive )
  • UK based 24/ 7 secondary support from the hosting company. I monitor sites and will investigate in a timely manner.
  • SLA: The hosting company do offer a 100% uptime SLA ( but even Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft go down so I can not and will not ever guarantee this so a standard SLA of 99.9% is in place  
  • Website Monitoring: I use a service which checks if your website is up/ down and if I become aware of the site being down I will investigate and deal with the issue or if I can’t I will contact the server guys to help and get it sorted.
  • Communication: In the event of an issue with the server I’ll let you know and keep you in the loop with what support is saying. So far the server hasn’t gone down at all and when I have put a non support ticket into the host company late at night they still replied within the hour.
  • Ongoing Support: If you have issues with your site or need advice I will try my best to help.

If you have a site and are interested in benefiting from my hosting for things like Monthly WordPress Updates, SSL included as standard etc 🙂 then use the contact form below to let me know.

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