Circular Economy in Peterborough

Inspired by #ZeroWasteWeek and after having a blog article posted on ( which you can read here) I’ve been looking more into recycling and reducing waste. We can all do our bit to help the environment.

So for the past year or so there’s been a bit of a push for a Circular Economy Peterborough. There may be others around the UK too but for now I’m just talking about the Peterborough one.

So it basically works by a company having an item they no longer need and they then offer it out to other companies to see who needs it ie. Company 1 has a printer they no longer need and Company 2 takes it because they need one so on and so on. So instead of that printer going to waste it’s going to a new home to be used.

Which is obviously great 🙂 .

I’m not sure why businesses weren’t doing this already and doing their bit ( possibly in addition to other environmentally things they do already ) but it’s a great step in the right direction.

It’s certainly great and hopefully more and more businesses take it up because no extra time is needed to take these steps. Plus some companies who claim to be “Green” are not very “Green”. I witnessed a company who claims to be “Green” and a member of a scheme pledging to reduce their impact on the environment but they threw out, in date tinned food, 3 packs of un-open packs of paper ( they were based 2 minutes walk from a nursery who could of benefited from it ), metres and metres worth of Ethernet cables, phones, pens, chairs and folders to name a few. Pretty much items which would of helped a new start up or even other people in the community.

The Circular Economy is great. It can save tons from going to landfill but also save people money to reinvest or treat themselves. Businesses are in a great position to “set an example” for people but I think this should be promoted to the public too.

This set up would work wonders in the community. It would save landfill waste, save money and potentially reduce fly tipping.

There are issues with fly tipping around the country and I believe a circular economy can help reduce this. Some people build up a pile of rubbish ( some of it could be reused or passed on ) pay a dodgy person to get rid of it and then it ends up dumped somewhere. Obviously not everyone does that but that’s one of the causes of fly tipping.

Imagine if 25% or 50% maybe even 75% of that “rubbish” was reused or given on to someone else to use.

Now I know there’s a difference between getting a business to sign up ( easy for PR to say they are Green ) compared to getting our neighbours to do the same. But I do think a lot of people would sign up to it and there could be incentives to encourage more people to do so.

If there was an incentive to people using the service ie the person build up points every time they give away an item and they could be exchanged for something from a sponsor or something similar.

I think something like this could work really well starting from the community up. Getting people involved, interacting and passing on stuff will help build communities and save waste from the landfill. This would in turn be saving the local council some money from not having to clear up as much fly tipping.

While writing this post I’ve read on the Future Peterborough site that the Circular City project is in 2 stages with the 1st being businesses and 2nd being citizens.

It’s so they can measure how much has been saved from landfill etc. There is not time on when the 2nd stage will begin ( if it ever does ).

I really love the Circular City idea especially if local communites become a huge part of it which they do need to be.

Let me know on Twitter what you think or if there is something like this already in Peterborough.

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