Back it up and then back it up again to make sure

Recently it was in the news that Myspace, one of the first social media platforms, lost around 12 years worth of music.

If you have never heard of Myspace it’s a social media site similar to Facebook ( in my opinion it was better 🙂 ) which allowed musicians ( among other arts ) to showcase their talent. It allowed people to connect with them and become fans aswell.

Myspace lost their way and when Facebook was rolled out across the world it saw a steady decline in users. Even with investment the platform, is still clunky and slow.

On 18th March 2019 it came to light that Myspace had lost 12 years worth of music during a server migration. It wouldn’t be an easy job moving 50 million mp3’s from one server to another along with other data and expect it to go smoothly.

If it can go wrong it will.

The really weird thing is that everybody knows to make back ups, right?

Especially when dealing with a clients data there should be back ups and then back ups just to make sure :). With regards to the loss at Myspace I believe there was another reason maybe they didn’t want to spend the time or money moving to a new server? Only they really know.

The point of this post is really just a gentle reminder that you should back up your data, be it your personal photos or business related items, use a cloud service ( Google Drive – part of G Suite ) but also a local back up to make sure.

Your website data is also important, you’ve spent time creating blog posts or sourcing the right product image, you don’t want to lose them because you thought they were safe.

As part of the hosting I offer there are automatic offsite back ups done every 3-4 hours. I can even send you a copy of a back up once a month too.

If you are interested in having piece of mind knowing your website is backed up or have any other questions please feel free to get in touch .

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